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How Kate Upton’s body image has been improved by being a transgender woman

Kate Upton has found a new body part of hers that makes her feel more confident and happier.

She’s been known to wear the breasts that her mother Kate Upton was born with to hide her chest from men, but now the 36-year-old is making sure she’s not the only one in the world who has a breast she can’t see.

She says her body has always been a secret, but her new discovery is that she can now show people she’s a woman and not a man.

“I’ve always been in a state of being invisible.

I have always had a part of me that is very masculine and very feminine,” she tells the Daily Mail.

It’s not just the breasts, she has also found she can put on more of a man’s body, including her waistline and chest.

Kate Upton’s breasts and bust are a mystery to many people, but she says it is her inner voice that gives her confidence, the Daily Mirror reports.

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