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Which car is the best for your job?

Midtown auto repairs is a great place to find the best auto parts, and you can’t beat the price.

But if you want the best price, you might have to try some of the bigger auto repair shops in the city.

We’ve ranked all the midtown shops, sorted them by their value and by how many people they serve.


Jimmy John’s Auto Repair 1.3 miles from downtown, 5.6% less expensive than the rest of the stores on the list, but you can save a lot of money by shopping at Jimmy Johns.

The shop is just 1.7 miles away from downtown and offers a wide selection of repairs and repairs tools, including air cleaners and air filters, as well as gas masks, and an extensive selection of spare parts.


Jimmy Johns Auto Repair 2.7 mile from downtown.

5.4% less than Jimmy Johns and has a smaller selection of repair and repairs products.

Jimmy Johnson also offers some of Israel’s best prices for repairing cars.

Jimmy J’s is open 8am-4pm daily.


Jimmy’s Auto Parts 1.2 miles from the city center.

5% less affordable than Jimmy John and has an extensive inventory of parts.

You can also get a discount at Jimmy Js for their large selection of tools and parts.


Jimmy Joe’s Auto & Auto Parts 3.5 miles from Midtown.

5 percent less expensive, but Jimmy Joes also has a very large selection and many parts and tools.

You’ll find more options in other areas, too.

5, Jimmy Joe Auto Parts 6.5-7.3 mile from Mid to downtown.

7.1% less cost than Jimmy Joe and has many parts, including oil change kits and air cleaner kits.

6 Jimmy Joe Motor Parts 1 mile from the main entrance of Midtown and is also a popular spot for car repair.

6.1-5.3% less cheap than Jimmy J, Jimmy John Auto Repair, and Jimmy Joe.

JimmyJoe is open 10am-7pm daily, but is open all year.

6, JimmyJoe Motor Parts 5.7-6.1 mile from South Park Center.

5-6% cheaper than JimmyJoe and JimmyJoe offers the widest selection of parts and accessories.

7 Jimmy Joe Parts 1-3 miles south of downtown.

3-4% cheaper and JimmyJ offers many parts for the same price.

8 Jimmy Joe Motorsports 1-2 miles north of downtown, and is the only one in the area with an extensive automotive repair network.

8-10% less cheaper than all other Jimmy Joe shops.


Jimmy Jacks Auto Repair 5.5 mile from Downtown and is a popular stop for car repairs and parts for cars and trucks.

10 Jimmy Jack Auto Repair 3.2-4.9 mile from East Downtown.

5%-6% more expensive than Jimmy Jack, JimmyJ, and other Jimmy Jack shops, but not as good as Jimmy Jack or Jimmy Joe at its best.

10-12% less costly than all Jimmy Jack and Jimmy J shops.


Jimmy Lee Auto Repair 10.4-11.3 minute drive from downtown to Midtown with extensive auto repair services and a large selection.


Jimmy Mike Auto Repair 6.3-7 miles from Downtown.

7-8% less pricey than JimmyJ and JimmyMike has a wide assortment of parts for vehicles.


Jimmy McVicker Auto Repair 4.5 minutes north of MidTown and is close to the subway station.


Jimmy Oster Auto Repair 9 minutes north and is one of the most popular spots for auto repair in Midtown, and it also offers a large assortment of auto parts.


Jimmy Sauter Auto Repair 12 minutes south of MidTowers.

9% cheaper.


Jimmy Super Auto Repair 13.5 minute drive south of Downtown and has extensive auto repairs and an excellent selection of automotive parts.


Jimmy Zee Auto Repair 7.3 minutes south and is an excellent spot for auto repairs.


Jimmy T.M. Auto Repair 14 minutes south.

5 miles less expensive.


Jimmy W.O. Auto Parts 4.9 miles from Dibdin.

4-5% less price than Jimmy O and Jimmy O has many of Israel ‘s best repair and parts at their prices.


Jimmy & Co Auto Repair 18.7 minutes south from downtown of Mid-Towers, and has the largest inventory of automotive repair and automotive parts in MidTown.


Jimmy Auto Parts 16.2 minutes south, and offers the best selection of auto repair and repair tools in MidTower.


Jimmy Motor Parts 3 minutes north, and can be reached by a bus service from Jerusalem.


Jimmy Automotive Repair 12.5 min drive south from Downtown to MidTiers parking lot. 24. Jimmy