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Eric Cals car repair shop opens in Mississauga

A Mississauga car repair business will be opening in the centre of the city.

The company, Eric Cables, will be located in the old Sears Centre at 888 Bloor St. The business is located on the east side of the street.

It’s a car shop for all levels, from those that need to maintain their cars to those that want to be the first on the block to get their vehicle fixed.

Cables says he hopes the location will help alleviate traffic congestion on Bloor Street.

“It’s been a busy week in Toronto.

We’ve been in the area all week.

We’re excited to be here,” said Cables.

The business is owned by Mark Cals, who owns and operates a business called Blacksmith Auto Repair.

The shop specializes in repairing and replacing used and new vehicles.

He said he hopes that the location, which is located in a commercial district, will help ease traffic congestion around Bloor and Lake Shore Blvd.

Mark Cals says he thinks the location can help ease the traffic problems.

“(It’s) kind of a little bit more like downtown and downtown is busy.

We can’t be everywhere,” he said.

“I think we can make a difference, and we’re looking forward to working with the city and working with them on the issue of traffic.”