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When TNT repairs its cars, it pays its workers the same as other auto repair shops

TNT is a big seller in the United States, selling cars to retailers such as Target, Best Buy and Staples.

But some workers at the company’s auto repair shop in Atlanta have been paid the same wage as the rest of the company, and the workers say they have been retaliated against.

According to the latest worker survey conducted by the union Local 819 of the National Association of Independent Contractors (NAIC), TNT employees make $12.32 an hour, or $15.12 per hour for a full-time worker.

That compares to a national minimum wage of $9.50 an hour for full- and part-time workers and $8.70 an hour in Florida.

The NLIB says that workers in Atlanta, where the company is based, are owed $4.12 an hour by TNT, or an average of $15 an hour.

The workers also said they are being denied overtime pay for working on the day that a new car is delivered, when the car is supposed to be repaired and when they are scheduled to take a day off.

In a statement, TNT said its workers are “a valued part of our business.”

The company says it employs about 1,300 people in Atlanta and is looking into the issue.