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Why do you need to get your car serviced by the best?

A few months ago I was driving home from the dentist.

The sun was setting, the sun was shining and I was enjoying the warm autumn air.

I was at the top of the hill overlooking the River Shannon when I noticed the side of the road had been swept by a powerful storm and the car had been pushed onto the grass and overturned.

I looked at the vehicle and noticed a huge dent in the bumper.

The car was on fire and I saw it had some serious rust damage to the left front tyre.

I started asking around and found a mechanic who told me he had serviced my car for almost two years.

He told me the damage was repaired and it was ready to be reassembled. 

I called him up and he said he would make a full service and repair.

The cost was around €600 and I asked him to send me a bill for €500.

I told him I needed it to be fixed within two weeks and that it had been serviced in the previous months. 

It was a great idea.

I wanted to know how to fix a car.

The mechanics I spoke to were not the best and I had a few doubts about the service. 

A few months on, I received a call from the mechanic and asked him if he had any questions.

He gave me a good service bill and asked if I would like a repair estimate.

I said yes and he asked me what was the best price.

I explained to him the damage had been done to the right front tyre, which had been welded together and that the rust had started to form on the left side of my car. 

He asked me if I wanted a replacement car or would I like to have the car fixed at his place. 

The mechanic said he could get a car for me for €600 at his garage in Dublin, but I was going to need a full garage service.

He wanted me to send him the bill so that I could pay for the service myself. 

My reply was that the damage in the car was so severe that it would take a week or more to get it repaired. 

After that, I called the mechanic back and told him that I would need to make an appointment to have it serviced. 

That afternoon, I got a call back from the service provider saying the garage was open and they could get the car out as soon as they could.

I got to the service station and sat down in the driver’s seat. 

There was no damage, no rust, and no rust damage. 

During my inspection, the mechanic told me that he had fixed the damage and had been looking for someone to work on it.

He then called me up and said that he would be at my home for a full work session and would send the bill for the repair to my address. 

All of a sudden, the car began to take on water and I looked up to see the front of the car starting to turn red. 

As I sat there, thinking I would be driving away, the rust started to grow. 

Then, the rear tyre came off. 

On my way out, I noticed that the front tyre was also starting to corrode. 

When I got home, I checked the damage, the paint, the brakes, the oil and the transmission and found nothing out of the ordinary. 

Two weeks later, I was told that the car wasn’t in perfect shape and that he was having to take it to a professional. 

 I decided to make a second appointment to get the rust repaired.

It was a good idea and I have never seen a car as well cared for and repaired as this one. 

By this time, I had paid around €300 for the car service and I would pay another €300 to the mechanic for his service.