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How to fix a leaking windshield

A leaky windshield is a common problem in the Indian auto industry, but most people don’t know how to fix it.

We spoke to the owners of some of the auto repair shops we visited and learnt a few things.

Auto repair shop owner Shashi Ram said he had to go into a shop every week for repairs.

The problem is that it is a tricky business and most people can’t afford the insurance.

But there are several options for people who are willing to pay.

The owner of a small auto repair shop said that most people cannot afford to pay for windshield repair.

Auto repair shop in Hyderabad.

Shashi says most people are unwilling to pay his premium.

He said the windshield is leaking because the engine has been running for a while and it is leaking.

“The engine has run for a long time, so it is not a big issue.

But if the engine gets a leak, then I cannot fix it,” said Shashi.

He explained that it was very common for cars with a faulty engine to have a damaged front bumper.

He says this is the reason why people are reluctant to pay the premium.

“I would rather pay Rs 50,000 for a replacement than Rs 50 lakh.

If a person pays Rs 50 thousand, then he would have to pay Rs 5 lakh and that would not solve the problem,” said Ram.

Another auto repair store owner said that his customers are reluctant about paying for the repair.

“A lot of people would rather go into the shop than pay for a new car.

Most of them have already been in the car for so long that they do not have the money for repairs,” said the owner.

He added that if people can afford to get a repair done, then it would not be a big problem.

Shashi Ram, owner of Auto Repair Shop in Hydergarh, told The Times Of India that the problem is a lot more serious than people think.

“In a lot of places in India, people do not think about insurance, so people are not thinking about the issue,” he said.

He admitted that the shop was a little bit out of the ordinary for the auto industry.

But he said he has been doing business for almost 30 years and he has never had a customer who refused to pay or was unwilling to fix the problem.

The auto repair workers said they would only be willing to do the repair if the customer was willing to accept a fee.

But even if the price is higher than the premium, they would not go to a shop if they cannot pay.

Shishiraj said, “We will do the repairs if the car is damaged but we cannot pay the premiums.”

Shashi, however, did not mind if he had not done the repairs.

“We are happy if someone pays us Rs 50.

The car has to be replaced.

I am not going to go out of my way to do repairs,” he told us.