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The Lad is back with another installment!

Posted March 03, 2019 07:51:03This time around, the Lad is getting the toy repair job.

He is back in the house and is ready to play.

The house has been cleaned out and the garage has been removed.

He has to find some spare parts to fix the broken steering wheel.

When he finds some, he wants to use them to get back on the road.

His friend, the mechanic, is going to be the first to help.

As he walks through the garage, the garage door opens and the mechanic says, “Hey, can you take a look at this?

I’m having a little bit of a problem.

What should I do?”

The Lad, like all the other Lad characters, has a very limited vocabulary and it is the mechanic who is in charge of the Lad’s instruction.

This time around he is talking about using a small wrench and a piece of wood to make the engine turn.

The mechanic asks, “How long will that take?”

The Lad answers, “I can’t tell you exactly, but it probably won’t take much longer than you think.”

The mechanic then asks, to which the Lad replies, “Don’t ask me that!”

The mechanic tells the Lad to keep the engine running while he works on the wheel, and the Lad gives him a thumbs up.

The engine is now turning again.

This is an excellent illustration of the mechanic’s power.

The Lad’s answer is always correct.

This mechanic can be used to help a person who has a problem with his vehicle.

The Lad also has a knack for finding the perfect spot for the wheel in a garage.

The first time he tries to find the wheel for a new car, he finds it in the back of the garage.

He then decides to find it in his own garage.

The mechanic explains that the wheel is located in the middle of the floor and that the Lad should use the little wrench to make it turn, but the wheel should be at least a foot or two from the wall.

He tells the lad that the Wheel is located near the rear of the house.

The little wrench works well.

When the wheel comes up to the top of the jack stands, the jack will slide on the floor.

If the Lad tries to turn it, the wheel will not move.

This also works for a jack that is sitting in a wall.

This wheel is the same size as the wheel on the dashboard.

The lad decides to try the wheel again.

He pushes the little screw on the jack stand to make a small opening.

He presses a button on the car and it begins to turn.

This makes the engine start up.

The mechanics assistant then shows the lad the dashboard with the new car in it.

The lad can see that the dashboard is showing the new speedometer and the speedometer speed indicator.

The dashboard also shows the mileage on the tank and the gas gauge.

The ladder is now back in his house, ready to use his knowledge to help someone who has had a bad car.

The lads skills are limited to the tools he already has.

The next time the Lad shows up, he is a mechanic.

He works at the repair shop, but now he has a new mechanic friend.

This new guy is going out to find new parts for the mechanic.

The shop has a lot of old cars and they are full.

The old cars are covered in rust and the engine is leaking.

The guy has a truck that is out of gas.

He decides to take the old truck out to a mechanic to fix it.

The guy says that it has been raining the whole time.

He needs to get some more gas to fill it up.

When they get back to the repair yard, the guy asks the mechanic what he should do.

The new mechanic tells him to go down and find the old car and then fix it himself.

He goes down and finds the old engine.

The new mechanic says that he can’t find the engine.

The truck is out and it doesn’t seem to be working.

The tank is leaking and the tire is bent.

The tires are bent so much that they look like the tires on a motorcycle.

The trailer is also bent.

It has been totaled.

The jack stands and jack stands that were sitting in the garage are gone.

The ladder is in the shop and he is the only one who can fix it, but he is not sure how.

The man has a mechanic friend who lives in the nearby town and he needs to come to his home to fix some of the old cars.

The neighbor is angry about the cars, so the mechanic agrees to help him.

He takes the old mechanic’s car and brings it to the neighbor.

He starts the engine and it starts to work.

The neighbors car is on the ground.

The neighbor asks, how long does the engine take to turn?

The mechanic tells them it is 10 seconds.

The next time they look