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Why are car repair shops in Sydney so popular?

The number of people using car repair centres in Australia has risen from about 12,000 in 2004 to about 35,000 today, according to data compiled by the Australian Financial Reviews.

But how popular are these places?

The latest data shows that about 20 per cent of Sydney’s population uses a car repair shop, up from less than one in 50 in 2004.

The rise in popularity comes as the cost of car repairs has gone up.

The average price of a repair job has risen by 10 per cent in the past year, according a report by the ACCC published in December.

The average cost of a vehicle repair job rose from $1,000 to $1.5, with the average repair cost increasing by more than $100 per vehicle.

And the number of Australians using a car dealership has risen since 2004 from 5,000,000 Australians to 10,000 for the first time.

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