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How to repair a Jeep 4K auto repair

Auto repair company JDM AutoParts has expanded its service offering for 4K-resolution vehicles.

The company announced Monday that it would begin offering 4K Auto Repair on all Jeep models in 2019.JDM AutoPartners first announced the expansion in February, but the new offer now extends to all models.

The automaker said in a statement that customers who want to start their repair business on 4K, or “4K Ready,” vehicles will be able to do so on any Jeep model.

The new service, available on Jeep vehicles beginning in 2019, will provide 4K Repair with a wide range of vehicle options, including exterior bodywork, interior bodywork and exterior and interior body options, JDM said.

The 4K Ready vehicles will also come equipped with 4K cameras that will allow users to monitor vehicle performance, navigation, audio, climate control, engine performance and other vehicle systems, the company said.

JDM will also offer an in-car diagnostic system that will help customers determine the exact nature of the issues that caused the vehicle to stall, the automaker added.

The automakers announcement comes after a surge in vehicle crashes and deaths.

The auto industry recorded an 11.3 percent year-over-year increase in the number of vehicles involved in crashes in the first six months of 2019, up from a 7.6 percent increase in April.

The industry’s crash rate for that period was 6.5 deaths per 100,000 vehicles.

In September, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warned that 4K vehicles are a more dangerous vehicle because they have greater crash risk, more sophisticated electronics and are more likely to be equipped with automatic emergency braking systems and other safety features.

Automakers have also been increasingly adding 4K to vehicles, especially as consumers have become increasingly concerned about airbags and other crash-absorbing features.

The push to offer 4K services comes after several companies began offering such services for vehicles last year, including Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Toyota, Honda and Ford.