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How to choose the best auto repair shop

Chrysler has announced that it will be opening up its second shop in the UK, bringing a new breed of quality auto repair to the country.

Chrysler will be selling a range of vehicles in the area, including the brand’s new 300ZX SUV, which will be offered with a range and price that rivals the likes of the Audi A4.

The new shop will be located in Eastbourne, near Norwich, and will offer a range price of £29,990 for a new 300zx.

The range will include the 350ZX SUV with a base price of more than £31,200.

The 350zx will also come with the optional option of an optional front air dam, which is a £3,500 upgrade that allows the vehicle to have a wider, more spacious interior.

Champs Automotive has already confirmed that it has been looking for a suitable new shop for its 300zx SUV, and has already opened an online application to get in touch with a potential buyer.