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‘Fantastic’: Auto repair service in Victoria to be expanded

VANCOUVER, B.C. — An auto repair service that helps auto repair technicians and mechanics fix cars for $9.99 is expanding to other provinces.

The Richmond Auto Repair Centre in Victoria is now open in the greater Toronto area and has been operating in British Columbia since last fall.

The company, which is located on Main Street in Richmond, was founded by an auto repair mechanic.

“It’s a great business model,” said John Flemming.

“We have a great relationship with many of the companies that operate here.”

The Richmond Centre is located in a small shopping centre just a short walk from the Victoria Airport and a couple of kilometres from the airport’s main terminal.

“We have been in business for almost 20 years, and it’s very well known,” Flemmer said.

“Our customers know us very well.

It’s an established business.”

Flemming said there are more than 250 people working for the company in Victoria and that most of them work in one or more of the major auto repair shops in the province.

The Auto Repair Service in Canada says it has about 1,200 full-time workers.

It says about 60 percent of its workers are part-time, and that it employs more than 40 people full- and part-timers.

“I think it’s a fantastic model,” Flamming said.

“There are lots of things that we can do with it that are new to the industry.”

Flamming says there are about 5,000 auto repair professionals working in Canada.

Flemmer says the Richmond Centre also serves about 2,000 people who are in their 60s or older and that they’re looking to expand.

“They’re looking for opportunities to come to Canada, so they’re definitely interested in being here,” Flanders said.

The service says it also operates on an online basis and says it will have offices in Victoria, Ontario, and Alberta.