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How Sam’s Auto Repair in LA can repair your car for free

The California Auto Repair Association says it will make $2,500 in repairs to your car if you just ask.

The organization says it’s an incentive for customers to “stop and think” about the costs of repairs before they go in and make a decision about buying.

The group said it has a $200 rebate program for owners who make a $150 or less in monthly payments on their vehicles.

They also offer a free auto repair online service, which lets you schedule a quick appointment and pay the bill online.

The association says it works with thousands of owners and their vehicle’s manufacturer.

It’s not the only one offering a service, either.

A few years ago, Sam’s offered a service called “A Perfect Fit,” which allows you to take a picture of the vehicle before you fix it.

You can also get a service manual and repair parts from Sam’s in the store.

Sam’s is hoping to be able to offer that service to customers who buy a vehicle from a dealership.

The service is free, though.