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GOP nominee’s latest attack on ‘basket of deplorables’ comes on heels of Hillary Clinton attack

Republican nominee Donald Trump on Friday took aim at Hillary Clinton’s claim that “there is a big basket of deplorable people” and attacked her as “a phony.”

“There are big baskets of deploravers, but they’re not the basket of Donald Trump,” Trump said during a campaign stop in San Antonio.

“Hillary Clinton’s got a basket of millions of people that are deplorabile, and they are going to vote for Donald Trump.”

During the second Democratic debate, Clinton used a clip of Trump’s comments to argue that Trump’s views on race were “disgraceful,” and that she should not have supported him because he was racist.

Trump responded by saying that “Hillary’s got millions of deploring people,” and “the basket of those people is Hillary.”

He went on to say, “She’s not a Democrat.

She’s not an African-American.”

Clinton’s campaign responded to Trump’s attacks with a statement that said Trump “has repeatedly said that his views on racism are a matter of personal choice and that he is not ashamed to stand up for those beliefs.”