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Which of the new ‘Transformers’ films has the most ‘awkward’ moments?

The newest installment of the “Transformers” franchise is now officially on its way to theaters in the United States.

However, the film that has already hit theaters is not without its quirks.

Here are our favorite ‘Transformer’ moments, ranked.

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The first time the robot got the robot in a fightWith this one, the robot is finally getting some love in the form of a special guest appearance by Optimus Prime.

We have to admit, though, this movie really needed an Optimus cameo.

Optimus would have made a great guest on “Transformer: Dark of the Moon,” which would have been a great way to introduce the character and his family.

It would have also been great to see Optimus Prime himself take on the role of a human being.

But hey, we’ll take it. 2.

Optimus getting the robot to danceAfter a long wait, we finally get to see what kind of awkward moments this movie has.

Optimus’s robot friends are getting on the dance floor, and we get to watch him struggle with a couple of robots while trying to dance.


Optimus on the roofWith a new addition to the “Transformer” family, it was a great time to see the robot dance.

And the robot even managed to get a little dance moves under its belt, as it attempted to perform a little karaoke with Optimus.

Unfortunately, this dance was not a complete success, as the robots arms caught the edge of the roof.

The whole thing ended up falling apart and Optimus had to be carried off.


The robot tries to climb Optimus’s neckWhile we were still getting used to the robot and Optimus, we were curious to see how this new arrival would fare in the robot battle.

While Optimus is struggling to keep his balance on the robot, he tries to help his friends by trying to climb onto its neck.

However this didn’t work out very well for Optimus, as his body ended up getting trapped.


The robots face is torn offWhile we still don’t know how the robot’s face will look, we did learn that the robot was torn off of its body.

The entire scene was very sad to watch, with Optimus’s friends and Optimus trying to help the robot.

We do hope that the new film brings back a few of these robots, but sadly, this one won’t.


The Robot gets a head transplantThe robots new face has a very nice change in color.

It was an odd color choice, though.

The new robot looks great, but there are a few issues with its new face.

First, the eyes look too big, which is very distracting.

Also, the new face does not look natural.

It looks a little like a plastic model.

Finally, there are no lines between the new robot and its original body.

This robot will definitely be more noticeable in real life.


The Robots eyes turn redThis one is pretty straightforward, but we did notice that the eyes in the new robots eyes are not as bright as the ones in the original movie.

This was annoying for us to see, since it is the only one we have seen that has this color issue.


The movie doesn’t make any senseThere were some interesting plot points in this movie.

For example, we see the robots family reunion, where the new faces of the old robots and Optimus are reunited.

Then we get a very emotional scene where Optimus and his friends finally meet their old friend, Tron.

And of course, we also get a robot scene.

So there is a lot going on here, but for the most part, we just get a movie that is filled with random bits of plot and doesn’t offer any explanation for how it is going to all come together.


The “Transform” movie doesn´t explain the Transformers logoIt may seem like a big deal that “Transform: Dark Of The Moon” is getting a “Transform 3” treatment, but it is actually just another one of those things.

As it stands, we don´t have much of a clue what is going on.

We know that the movie is about “the birth of the Transformers,” but how is the story going to end?

And who is going avenge his death?


“Transform 2” didn´t make any ‘Transform 3’ referencesWhen we saw the trailer for “Transform-3,” we had no idea what was going to happen.

The trailer shows the robot flying through space and coming to Earth, but that didn´ t give us any clue about the rest of the plot.

The only other thing we could find was that the robots father has a new name, and that is a nice change.

But the rest is just random bits and pieces.