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B&B Auto Repair says it will sell back to customers

Auto repair business Prestige Auto Repair has announced that it will start selling back to its customers in response to the recent shooting in the Las Vegas area.

In a statement released Monday, Prestige said it is in the process of determining the best way to sell its service and will determine if it needs to sell in the future.

“While we’re sad to hear of the recent events, we are committed to working with our customers, and our community, to find a way to support them in their time of need,” the statement said.

Prestige says it has experienced a decrease in business in recent years and the company is “committed to helping our customers regain their faith in us and our services.”

Prestiges CEO Mike Fagan said in a statement Monday that he and his team are “compelled to act in the best interest of our customers and the community.”

“We know our customers are hurting, and we are doing what we can to support those who are in need,” he said.