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“I’m still learning the art of auto repair”: John and Juan’s auto fixer

John and José have been repairing cars since they moved to Chicago from Puerto Rico in 1991.

The couple owns their own repair shop, and their business has grown to include car wash services, auto parts, auto repair and a collection of accessories.

Their motto is “You never know when you might need it.”

The pair’s son, Juan, who works as a maintenance technician, said that when he learned the news of his father’s passing, he was “speechless.”

“I cried,” Juan said.

“I felt for him.

I didn’t know if he was going to live to see his 70th birthday.”

“He had so much love, I don’t know how I could ever express it.

He had so many ideas about cars, but he was a great guy, a true artist,” Juan added.

“We’ll miss him.”

Juan said that while he was in the hospital recovering from his father, his mother would come over to watch the funeral.

Juan was in constant contact with his father during the time of his death, and he said he didn’t think it would be difficult for his mother to understand his death.

Juan said he will miss his father.

He also said that the loss of a father is “so difficult, you can’t believe how bad it is.”

“We have a daughter, she is 5 and she is a beautiful girl.

She loves to dance and she loves to sing.

She will always be my daughter.

I want to have her and my daughter.”