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When will auto repair be a thing again?

I’ve had my eye on an auto repair business for quite a while now, and the idea of seeing one of my own being repaired and serviced in a timely fashion is a dream come true.

A new article by Consumer Reports describes how a company called TJM Auto Repair has a new line of service that uses a robotic arm and a digital camera to inspect and fix problems with vehicles in real-time.

When the repairman is finished with the car, the car can be returned to its rightful owner.

“TJM Auto’s robotic arm can detect and correct a multitude of vehicle problems, including undercarriage and wheel arch cracks,” the report says.

“It is capable of performing this task in less than three minutes.”

TJM Automotive will now be known as TJM Motorsports.

The company was founded in 2016, and it’s still based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

TJM’s mission statement is simple: “Tjm Automotive is a full service vehicle repair and repair business with a passion for quality and customer service.

We are focused on helping our customers make a better living.” 

A TJM spokesperson told Consumer Reports that TJM has a reputation for delivering on time, and that it’s “committed to maintaining this high standard through the use of our proprietary robotic arm.

This robotic arm is able to inspect the vehicle for defects in the undercarriages, and can correct the vehicle in just a few minutes after inspection.

In addition, the robotic arm has been used to perform more than 50,000 undercar seat repairs over the past few years.”

TJN Motorsports is a new company with a new logo and logo colors, but the old TJM is still on the streets.

TJN will be able to use the robotic arms to help repair, inspect, and service the vehicles in its service area.

It also announced plans to open up a franchised auto repair service in Chicago, but that has not yet happened.

TJs Automotive in the States is an automotive repair shop that’s currently based in Kansas City, Missouri, and has a fleet of vehicles in more than 100 states.

TJn will be expanding to more states as the company develops a fleet in other cities.