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A New Zealand auto repair shop is offering up to $500 for a faulty door, says a US journalist

A New Zealander has offered up to about $500 to anyone who can identify the door that led to the deaths of a woman and her boyfriend, according to the US media.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the couple, from the country’s far north, died on the evening of April 30 after a malfunctioning door broke down on their farm.

The couple, who were married and had two children, were on their way to a friend’s house for dinner, but the pair was taken off the road after the door opened and the vehicle’s engine stalled.

According to the Herald, the couple’s mother was alerted and alerted the police.

The police have now confirmed that the car was the victim of a “serious crash” and the car’s owner was arrested.

The Herald reports:In the days since the fatal crash, the family’s lawyer has launched an online appeal to find out the cause of the crash. 

Auckland-based auto expert Chris Houghton, who has researched and written about auto accidents for several years, told the Herald that the family may have been travelling at high speeds at the time of the accident.

He said:”They could have been going 100km/h [64mph] or they could have had a very high speed collision and been hit by a car.

It’s a question of how they would have known the door had opened or not, and I’m not sure the police would have been able to determine what happened, because there were so many people around.”

The family’s home in New Zealand’s northern province of Otago is the only one of its kind in the world, Houghtons family says, and the couple are still missing.

Houghton told the paper that the accident could have ended badly.

“It could have gone worse.

There are other places that are far more unsafe, but that’s not the case here,” he said.”

If the door hadn’t opened, the car could have rolled into them.

They were on the wrong side of the road.”‘

This is a real nightmare’For the family, the accident is a “real nightmare”, and they are still searching for answers, the paper reports.

“We’re still trying to understand why it happened and what could have caused it,” Houghson said.

“There is no way the car would have survived.”

The case has attracted widespread interest, and has been covered by international news outlets.

In response, the National Police Service has launched a nationwide inquiry into the accident and the families’ circumstances.

The families’ lawyer, Peter Withers, told local media that he had spoken to the police and was hopeful the investigation would be complete within a few weeks.

But he also said the families would be appealing the outcome of the investigation, which he described as “a little bit like the case of a thief who gets away with stealing a large sum of money”.