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Classic Auto Repair in Adelaide

Adelaide has been named one of the best places to own a classic car by Autosport magazine.

The magazine says the city is home to “the best collection of classic cars” in Australia.

“You’ll be amazed at the number of vintage classic cars you can find in Adelaide and the city’s rich history, including the legendary Häagen-Dazs car show,” the magazine said.

“A few classic cars may seem like a bit of a rarity in this part of the world, but they’re absolutely a must-visit if you’re ever in Adelaide.”

The magazine also gave Adelaide an A grade for its car repair network, saying the city was home to the “most specialist, best-equipped and fastest-growing vintage car repair business in the country”.

The magazine’s report found Adelaide is home of the “best vintage car service network in Australia”.

“With a large fleet of classic vehicles, the city has a strong focus on repairing and preserving classic cars,” it said.

“There’s an incredible range of services available for all types of vintage cars, from vintage car restoration to car show repairs, and more.”

The report also gave the city an overall grade of A for its automotive safety record.

“In the past, Adelaide’s record has been a bit lukewarm, with little to show for its investment in safety, while the number and severity of accidents has increased,” it noted.

“But Adelaide has the safest and most experienced automotive safety network in the nation, and this record is supported by the city council’s long-term commitment to providing a safe environment for all of its residents.”