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How to fix your car: The auto repair business is booming, but where does the next generation of auto repairs come from?

Auto repairs are booming.

The demand is so high that more than half of U.S. auto owners have at least one auto repair shop open.

This year alone, more than 6 million people in the U.K. are expected to visit auto repair shops, according to Auto Repair UK.

And with demand for new and used vehicles expected to increase to $50 billion this year, there is a strong demand for repair services.

But how does an auto repair professional get their start?

Find out in this article.1.

Become an Auto Repair Specialist2.

Start by choosing the right auto repair firm3.

Learn the ins and outs of auto repair in this easy-to-understand guide.3.1 Know the ins & outs of your auto repair needs3.2 Learn the history of auto maintenance& repairs3.3 Get the latest news from your auto repairs, including how to make sure your car is up to date.3