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Why we don’t have a KELLYS car repair shop in LA

L.A. has a thriving auto repair industry, but the city’s auto repair shops have been closed for a decade.

This year, however, the city hopes to make things a little easier for the people who need them most.

The city is proposing a program to help make up for lost business, and they’re hoping to get the city council’s blessing to do so.

The program would provide a loan of up to $1 million for businesses that don’t currently have an auto repair shop.

The loan would also help with repair costs, like paint and new tires, but not car repairs.

The program also would help companies that need to hire drivers and employees.

“It’s not just about the business; it’s also about the community,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

Cities are starting to make up lost ground in auto repair due to rising insurance rates and the need for new equipment.

The LA city council passed the proposal to make the city a better place for people to do business.

If the city receives a full council vote, the proposal would go to the full council for approval, and the city would have to decide how much money to spend.

The council would have 30 days to vote on whether to approve or reject the plan.

The City Council will be voting on the program Monday.