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How to save money on auto repair in the U.S.

Consumers can save up to 50 percent on auto repairs at foreign auto repair shops, according to a new study.

Auto repair shops that offer home repairs can be seen as the main source of foreign auto parts in the United States, but the study by the National Automotive Dealers Association and the Center for Automotive Research says there are many others in the market.

Auto parts can be imported from China, Japan and other countries, and many are used in vehicles that were made in the region.

Many foreign companies are also making parts for U.s. vehicles, the report says.

The study, published Tuesday, found that foreign auto companies are among the biggest suppliers of parts to U. S. auto manufacturers.

More than a quarter of the parts imported by foreign companies came from China.

China accounted for a third of the foreign auto manufacturers imported parts in 2015, the study found.

The report said China is now the largest buyer of U. s auto parts, and foreign auto dealerships are seeing their revenue grow.

The study found that domestic auto repair businesses were also seeing a surge in revenue as well as growth in sales.

A 2015 report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that while U. States exports have grown by 17 percent since the end of the recession, imports of foreign-made parts are up by almost 25 percent, while domestic auto dealers are seeing the biggest growth.

A report from U.K.-based auto parts company Daimler said in August that China accounted at least in part for its growth in global auto sales and that the U-S.

market could be hit hard if China loses its dominance.

In the U.-S.

automotive industry, there is no single answer for foreign auto sales.

There are many factors that can affect sales, but it’s important to understand the role of Chinese and foreign companies in the overall global supply chain, the researchers said.

The research shows that many Chinese manufacturers are not buying U.-s parts, as they are in China, and are instead using their own parts.

This is especially true in Asia, where China’s demand for parts is greater than the U -S.

supply, the authors said.

A study last year from the University of Pennsylvania showed that Chinese auto parts suppliers are the largest buyers of U-s components, with nearly one in five parts sold to Chinese companies.

The Center on Transportation Policy and Budget said in its study that the Chinese government has tried to restrict the use of foreign parts by U. -s automakers.

The government has also increased pressure on U. ,s auto companies to buy foreign parts, the center said.

While the government has made it harder for Chinese companies to make foreign parts for their own vehicles, it has not stopped the importation of Chinese-made vehicles from the United Kingdom and other European countries, the Center said.