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Watch how an electric car could fix the biggest repair job

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: A man’s electric car saved his life after he was hit by a car while he was driving home from work last month.

The accident occurred when Mark Johnson was driving on Interstate 4 northbound in Georgia.

Johnson was driving with his wife and child in the car at the time.

Johnson said the electric car came to a stop as they were driving home at about 5:45 a.m.


“I was about to start the car, when the driver just turned on his hazard lights and said ‘Hey, what’s the problem?'”

Johnson said.

“And then he just started to slam into me and I was like, ‘Hey man, you guys need help!'”

Johnson said he got out of the car and tried to run the car’s battery.

Johnson then drove to the hospital where he said he was taken by ambulance.

“It was just one of those days,” he said.

Johnson is now back at home where he’s working with a company to improve his electric car.

The company said the repairs are free and the car will be returned to its owner.

Johnson says he will continue to repair cars for as long as he can, even if it’s just for the day.