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You may be surprised to find out how much your auto repair is costing you

The following are the top prices at auto repair shops across Australia.

This is the cheapest auto repair shop you can find in your area.


Blue Honda 1,000:000:00 Honda’s Blue Honda has become one of the most popular brands in Australia.

It offers the best warranty in the industry and has been in business since the 1950s.

It is owned by Honda of Australia (HIA).

The Blue Honda warranty is the longest in Australia, and is the equivalent of a life insurance policy for up to 25 years.

Blue is a Honda brand, and it has many models that are manufactured by other manufacturers.

The Honda warranty covers the entire lifespan of the vehicle and is extended if it becomes damaged during a normal driving session.

You can expect the Honda warranty to be valid for as long as you are using the vehicle.

You should expect a one-year warranty.

Blue’s warranty covers a full vehicle life, but can be extended for as little as one year.

The Blue warranty also covers the loss of a vehicle if the vehicle is used in a crash or for more than two months.

Honda has a long history of providing quality service and the Blue Honda brand is well known around the world.

Blue will also cover any repair or replacement if it is necessary.

For more information, visit Honda Australia.


JB Auto Repair 1,500:000 Toyota’s JB is also known for providing great customer service.

It has been one of Australia’s most successful and successful auto repair brands.

J B Auto Repair’s warranty is a one year guarantee.

If you have a JB auto repair problem, J B will do their best to help you.

They offer the most affordable warranty in Australia for up the range of vehicles.

The J B warranty covers up to one year and is valid for up of five years.

J A has a three-year and five-year warranties.


SAAB Auto Service 2,000,000 Toyota and SAA, the parent company of SAAb, has been around for more years than any other auto repair brand.

SAB Auto Service is one of three auto repair companies that provide auto repair to the public.

This means you can have a quality service in your car without having to worry about getting a car repaired.

This makes SAB’s warranty one of most competitive auto repair warranties in Australia with an average price of $5.50 per week.

The SAB warranty covers any vehicle, not just a Toyota or Honda.

SSA also provides an excellent service.

If a car breaks down or needs repair, they’ll replace it for you.

The vehicle is replaced for free.

SABA also has a one and a half year warranty, but you can extend the warranty for as low as $1.99 per week, or up to five years if you have the car for more, or two if you need to have the vehicle repaired for up four years.


Dyson 1,800:000 Dyson has been Australia’s largest auto repair company for more the past 60 years.

Dyons warranty is two-year.

If your vehicle has broken down, or if the driver is not responsible, they will repair it for $500, but the company will also replace it free.

DYSON also provides excellent customer service, and their warranty covers all vehicles.


TIG Auto Repair 5,000;000 TIG is Australia’s leading auto repair service.

Tigo is a family owned and operated business that is located in Melbourne.

The TIG warranty is five years and includes the car.

The company also offers a two-way insurance policy that covers damage and theft if the car is used.

If the car needs to be repaired, the company can cover it for a low fee.

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