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How to avoid a ‘shameful’ trip to the spa

By Sarah GaffneyGlen’s Auto Repair (Glenburn) in Melbourne, Victoria has a reputation for being one of the safest auto repair shops in the city, so when a man in his early twenties was accused of stealing one of their vehicles, they immediately pulled the man out of the shop.

The man, who was only identified as Michael, told police he had purchased the car at Glen’s in December 2015.

But after being asked for identification, the man allegedly drove away with the car, driving it away before returning to the shop with it, and then drove off again.

The driver was later apprehended by police.

Glenbrook Police were keen to highlight the fact that there is a zero-tolerance policy for theft in the automotive industry.

“The man’s behaviour at the shop, including his behaviour on the day of the theft, is clearly indicative of a lack of understanding of the vehicle’s condition, and of the nature of the crime,” the Police Service of Western Australia’s (PSWA) Deputy Commissioner David Leesham said.

Glenn’s, like most auto repair stores in Victoria, have been criticised by some for the quality of their service.

But Glens owner Steve Genn said it was important that they keep the reputation of the business high, and that the community was always well aware of the safety of the work they do.

“I’m not ashamed to say that Glen’s Auto is one of our safest auto repairs shops in Victoria,” he said.

“It’s a shop where we’ve got a zero tolerance policy on theft, and we work with the police and security agencies and the community to ensure that people are safe when they shop at Glen.”

We’ve always got good customer service, and I don’t think there’s anyone that would want to steal from a shop that’s a very safe shop.

“Glen has been a long time champion of the auto industry and a long-standing advocate of people wanting to use the service that we offer to keep the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the community at heart.”

Glen and his team of 20 employees are always looking for new ways to improve their safety, and the latest initiative is a new, fully equipped car wash facility.

Glens manager Chris McLean said he was looking forward to seeing more people using the car wash, and said he had been very impressed with the level of service the staff have provided to the community.

“They’re fantastic, and when we’ve had people come through the carwash and they’ve said that they didn’t know what to do and the car had a problem, they’ve just been very professional and they knew exactly what they needed to do,” he told ABC Victoria.

“A car that was damaged, if it was a bad one, the staff would have been able to get it fixed.”

McLean said they had seen an increase in the number of car owners coming in to the car washing, with some even coming in for an oil change.