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Why it’s OK to buy a brand new phone at Target

It’s not just about getting your hands on the new phone.

It’s about how you spend the money.

In the case of Target, you could spend up to $1,000 on a new phone with a free 24-hour tech support line.

If you’re on the fence, there are more options.

But in our experience, the free tech support and the free phone offer tend to be more compelling when you’re not completely sold on a specific model.

We’ll start with the iPhone XS Max.

This is a great choice for a new iPhone.

If the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone SE are on your list, consider the new iPhone X. But you might want to think about the next iPhone if you have a higher-end phone.

The $1-plus iPhone X comes with a 16GB iPhone X and 4G LTE connectivity.

If your budget is more limited, the iPhone 12S is an even better choice, and comes with both a 16 GB and 64 GB model.

The iPhone Xs Max also has a 32GB model.

That $1 phone can handle most users, but the iPhone XL and iPhone XR Plus are better for those with a larger screen or bigger batteries.

But for $1 and $1.99, you can get a more affordable device that is more than enough to satisfy the needs of most people.