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‘Mechanic’ Ford factory in Ireland, UK opens for business

Dublin – A Ford dealership in Ireland has opened for business.

It is the latest of a number of new Ford factories in Ireland to open recently.

The company said it had received approval to start operations at the site of the old Ford manufacturing plant in Co Cork.

The plant was originally built in the 1920s and had been in operation for about 30 years before being sold to Ford in the 1980s.

The site has since been redeveloped as part of the National Autonomous Driving Strategy.

Ford said it has received permission from the Department of Transport to commence operations on the site, which is in the Dublin suburb of Dunne, and to have two more sites to open.

There is no immediate plans to reopen the facility to the public, but the company said that it is in discussions with the local authorities on a number future plans.

Irish media reported that the new Ford facility will employ more than 2,500 people.