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How to fix a VW bug that’s costing you thousands of dollars

juan is a newbie to the auto repair business and he’s just about done his first full day of business.

When he arrived at his local shop he was surprised to find that there wasn’t a single mechanic on the shop floor.

“I didn’t know there was a VW problem in town,” Juan told me.

Juan said that he bought his car from a dealer who was not happy about the condition of his vehicle.

That dealer then refused to fix the car.

He tried to repair the car with his own mechanic but found that the parts he bought were not working properly.

The car was totaled and the car was a complete mess.

And now the damage is going to cost him hundreds of dollars.


I can’t wait to buy another car, but I can’t afford this.

His repair shop is on the third floor of a building, so he has to move it upstairs and up to the fifth floor.

That means a few floors of new carpet and a lot of new furniture.

A lot of the furniture has to be moved, too.


We got a good guy in there who works out of a garage.

I’ve heard good things about him.

We can talk to him.

I think he’s going to be really nice, and I’m hoping he’s got the parts.

But I’m not sure how many cars are going to work.

It’s hard to work out a price.

If you find out what he’s charging, please let us know.

We need to know the exact amount of work to fix it, so that we can set up an appointment to see how much he’s worth.

But you know, if I’m lucky, I might have to do some work that’s worth a lot more than the money I’m paying for the repair.

Some of the new carpet is going in with a vacuum.

On the way out of his garage, Juan had to deal with the smell of the carpet.

At one point he had to wait a while, but eventually he was able to find a place to put the carpet so that he could finish the job.

After all the work that he’s done, Juan says he’s satisfied with the work he’s getting done.

One thing I can tell you, the carpet isn’t that bad.

It’s like it was sitting in the garage for five years, and it’s still looking good.

For now, the VW bug has only cost Juan a few thousand dollars.

But his car is a whole lot of work, and he can’t imagine ever going back to his old car.