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Aussie Auto Repair Guide: Gresham’s Gresk is now in Melbourne, but there’s still a wait

Gresman’s Grosvenor in Melbourne’s CBD has long been a stop for car shoppers.

The garage is the hub of car repair, with customers in the front row lining up for autographs and selfies.

But now it has opened a foreign auto repair service in Melbourne.

Photo: James Brickwood Gresmans car repair service is now available to foreigners in Melbourne and it’s expanding into Melbourne’s inner west.

Customers can choose to drive from the Grosman garage, where they can pick up the car they need, or they can get in the car for an appointment.

The Grosmans service includes repairs to the car’s drivetrain, suspension and electrical systems.

Gresm’s Grazier service in the CBD is now also available to foreign customers, with drivers signing up for appointments.

It is not the first time foreign auto service has been expanded to Melbourne.

The owner of the Gresmouth Grazie, which is in Gresborough, has been working in the city for years.

In March last year, he said he was looking for foreign auto owners in the inner west to do his work.

Mr Grazi said he had not considered Melbourne as a potential destination for his business for several years.

He had been searching for a new site in the area but was not satisfied with the location.

“We have found that Melbourne is an ideal location,” Mr Gresmann said.

“The market is growing.

There are lots of opportunities.”

Gresmore’s Grafton car repair business in Melbourne is also expanding.

Customers get a pick-up from the car at the car wash and a service from the dealership to the repair shop.

Graftons service includes car repair to the drivetrain and suspension, which may involve changing a light bulb.

Mr Gillard said it was important to expand foreign auto servicing in Melbourne so that foreign drivers could get the most out of Melbourne’s car shopping economy.

“Foreign auto repair is an important part of the car shopping process,” he said.

“We believe that the growing car buying demand in Melbourne makes this area of Melbourne the ideal location for foreign car owners to have a car service.”

We have the expertise in the areas of car repairs and repairs of vehicles.

“Mr Gillard has also announced a $250,000 grant to help foreign car dealers get a start on expanding their business in the state.

It will help us build a successful car service network for our customers in Victoria,” he told the ABC.